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Hi my name is Jay. I am a Proffessional dog groomer, and the owner of Appley Bridge Dog Grooming. I aquired my Proffessional Diploma in all aspects of dog grooming at Anrich Vets in Wigan. I also hold an Canine First Aid Certificate, as well as being up to date with Animal general health. I am an experienced hairdresser and decided to combine my love of dogs with my creative side.


I have a purpose built salon in my home specially designed to cater for all your dog grooming needs. From pre-assessment to final groom your dog gets one on one attention of me. It is a relaxed, calm and informal atmosphere for your dogs. I also recognise that not all dog owners are mobile or may have a dog with special needs such as, old age, nervous dogs or dogs with medical needs. If so I offer a Mobile Home Grooming service or a Clip 'N'Collect service.

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